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Library Services

Northampton Square Library

Northampton Square Library provides printed resources, study spaces, networked PCs and wi-fi access across five levels.



  • 104 computers are available on Levels 2 and 3
  • Silent Study computer labs are available on Levels 4 and 6
  • The Financial Resources Suite on Level 5 has 12 bookable terminals for use of Bloomberg, Morningstar and Eikon databases.

Photocopying, printing and scanning

Multi-Functional Devices (MFDs) for photocopying, printing and scanning are located on Levels 2, 3, 4 and 5 of the Library within easy reach of stock.

All students have a unified account for printing and photocopying. This can be topped up online.

Contact staff at either the IT Service Desk or the Library Service Desk if you require assistance using the MFDs.

Study spaces

Levels 2 is for group study.   
Level 3 is for quiet study.   In addition, there are nine bookable Group Study Rooms on Level 3.

Levels 4, 5 and 6 are for individual silent study.

Levels are clearly identified as either Group Study, Quiet Study or Silent Study areas. Please familiarise yourself with the Library Services Code of Conduct and local guidelines displayed around the Library.


Level 2

  • Self-service machines for borrowing and returning items
  • Library Help Desk for collection of Inter-Library Loans and items from the Library Store, or to pay a library charge
  • Requested items collection
  • IT Service Desk available 9am-5pm, Monday - Friday

Level 5

  • Self-service machines for borrowing items
  • Library Help Desk staffed between 11am-5pm, Monday to Friday, term time only


Contact Disability Support or email the Dyslexia Support team who will make a referral and provide us with an initial assessment of your requirements. Your local library site representative will be able to put the necessary arrangements in place for you.

Assistive technology and equipment including text-to-speech software, screen readers and screen magnifiers are available in the Library. Details of all our assistive technology and equipment can be found on our Assistive Software page.

Additional information about support, software and equipment for users with disabilities or learning differences is detailed on our pages about Library Services for Additional Needs.

Library contact for accessibility support

Contact Jessica Wykes. Telephone: +44 (0)20 7040 3104, email:

Emergency evacuation

There are Refuge Points outside either end of each Library level. If you need mobility assistance you should familiarise yourself with these locations and, in the event of an emergency, wait at one of these points. Library staff will alert Security staff of your location and they will ensure your safe exit from the building.


The entrance to Northampton Square Library is on Level 2 of University Building. For step-free access use the lift in the Pavilion, behind the Main Entrance. Two lifts inside the Library allow access to the five levels.

Accessible toilets are on Level 2 (male) and Level 3 (female) of the Library.

Low level enquiry points

Level 2 has a low level enquiry point at the Library Service Desk for wheelchair users.

Low level catalogue terminals are available on Level 2 near the Library entrance and on Level 5 behind the Library Help Desk.

Library guides and leaflets in alternative formats

We can supply all leaflets in electronic format, in large print format or on different coloured paper. Please ask at your local site and allow up to one week for production.

Hearing loop

Please ask if you need staff to use a hearing loop when serving you.