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Library Services Takedown Policy

  1. City, University of London attaches great importance to adherence to professional, legal and ethical obligations. Every effort has been made to ensure that content that we make available, online and in print, does not infringe any persons' rights, or UK or international laws, including copyright, confidentiality, and data protection. This includes, but is not limited to, content in our:
  2. If you own the copyright in any material that we have made available and feel that the use does not conform to any exceptions found in law that might permit the re-use of the material, or that permission has not been granted, then please contact us, providing the information below, and we will remove this content from our website pending investigation of your claim
  3. You may also contact us if you feel that any other relevant laws have been contravened by any material that we have made available.
  4. Information to be provided in the event of a claim:
    • your name and contact details
    • full name lf the work in which the alleged infringement is found, including author, title and URL of the work in which it is found
    • full details of the alleged infringement, including original source of the material, and the way in which it is infringing
    • an assertion of the accuracy of your claim, and that it is made in good faith.
    Please send this information to [email protected].
  5. We will acknowledge your claim, remove the work that is the subject of the claim, and investigate, consulting appropriate personnel (including the author, if possible). When we have concluded our investigation, we will communicate our decision to you.

Copyright Librarian, October 2019.