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Library Services

Inter-Library Loans

The Inter-Library Loans service allows City staff and students to request items that aren’t available in the library’s collection. If you’ve already checked CityLibrary Search for the item you need, use one of the links below to start a request.

Request an Inter-Library Loan

  • Each request will cost you at least £3.00
  • Vouchers are available for some City staff and PhD students. Please speak to your departmental administrator, supervisor, or tutor for information on availability
  • By submitting an online request form you are confirming that you have read the copyright declaration (pdf) and agree to abide by its conditions. More information on copyright can be found on our copyright webpages
  • If you are requesting an item for commercial purposes, you must declare this on your request. Items being used for commercial purposes are subject to an additional Copyright fee.
  • Please contact the Inter-Library Loans Team for more information.

    Request a renewal

    Please note:

    • Most loans can be renewed. Renewals may incur a further £3.00 fee

    About the service

    Library Services provides access to key resources to support your studies, but there might be something you need for an essay, dissertation or research project that we don’t have in our collection. The Inter-Library Loans service allows you to request these items for private academic use.

    Once you place a request, the team will start trying to order the item from another library. We'll update you via email with news about your request.

    Service availability

    • Students and staff of City, University of London can place requests, including INTO City students
    • Check your Library contact details are correct so we can let you know when your request has been supplied.


    • We aim to process all new requests within two working days
    • We try to obtain requested items as quickly as possible but cannot guarantee to meet specific deadlines
    • In most cases you will receive your request within five working days. We will let you know if there is a delay with your request.


    • There is a charge for Inter-Library Loan requests
    • In most cases this is non-refundable
    • Library Services subsidises Inter-Library Loans, meaning you do not pay the full cost of a request.
    • Indicative costs are shown below. In some cases increased charges may apply. The library will contact you to agree increased charges before processing your request.
    Item Indicative cost
    Journal articles (electronic delivery or photocopies) £3.00
    Books £3.00
    Whole journal issues £3.00
    Non-UK items including foreign theses £3.00 - 9.00
    Book renewals (each time) Up to £3.00

    Replacement costs

    Standard replacement cost of a lost inter-library loan is £185.50; more will be charged if the item is particularly expensive to replace.

    Vouchers for City staff and PhD students

    Some departments will cover the cost of requests for staff and/or PhD students by providing vouchers for payment. Please speak to your departmental administrator, supervisor, or tutor for information on availability.

    Ordering theses

    There are several options for locating theses:

    Physical item requests

    Loan lengths:

    • Books obtained from the British Library can be borrowed for five weeks
    • Loan length for books from other libraries can vary
    • All items borrowed are subject to recall at any time.


    • Most books may be renewed
    • For items borrowed from the British Library there is a renewal charge of £3.00
    • Please let us know at least three days before the due date if you wish to renew an item.

    Electronic item requests

    Orders received from the British Library:

    • Documents (e.g. journal articles) ordered from the British Library may be supplied by electronic delivery
    • When your request is available you will receive an email containing a link to access your document. You can then download and save a pdf which you can keep for up to three years
    • We have a step-by-step guide [pdf] to On Demand, which includes troubleshooting information. Alternatively, the British Library’s help guide can be found on their website in the section called 'DRM Lite'
    • If you would prefer to collect a print copy from the Library please let us know, either by contacting us directly, or by including this information on your request form.

    Orders received from other libraries:

    • Documents ordered from other libraries are typically delivered via email as PDFs, which you may keep for personal use.
    • If you would prefer to collect a print copy from the Library please let us know, either by contacting us directly or by including this information on your request form.