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Liberating CityLibrary

Help us to improve the diversity of our collections

Based on your suggestions we hope to increase the range of books in the library by authors from the Global Majority, books by LGBTQI+ people and titles which recognise overlapping identities and experiences such as gender, class, sexuality and disability.

  • Please be aware that books can take approximately four weeks from the date of your request to appear on the library's shelves.
  • Due to the volume of requests we receive we will not reply to individual requests.

Liberating CityLibrary

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Book details

Print books
An e-book will be purchased in preference to print. Please see Terms and Conditions.

Where an audiobook is unavailable, we will seek to purchase an e-book instead.

Terms and conditions
Requesting items
  • E-books are purchased in preference to print as these allow 24/7 access. However, their purchase will depend on their availability from publishers, technological accessibility and cost.  Liberating CityLibrary excludes journals, articles, electronic materials and Language and Communication tests.
  • We will purchase the latest edition of each book.
  • As a general rule Library Services will not purchase foreign language titles.
  • Liberating CityLibrary requests are monitored and we ask that you are mindful of the number of requests that you submit.
  • Liberating CityLibrary is only available to current City, University of London students and staff. We are unable to accept recommendations from alumni, visiting SCONUL members and attendees of short courses.
Supplying items
  • All suggestions will be reviewed by CityLibrary staff.
  • We may not accept all suggestions, and we may redirect suggestions to alternative acquisition channels.
  • If the requested book costs less than £100 and there are no copies in stock, your order will be placed within five working days. Requests for books costing more than £100, or where copies are in stock, will be passed to Academic Services Librarians for purchase approval.
Receiving items
  • Books can take approximately four weeks from date of request to appear on the Library's shelves.

If you have any questions about Liberating CityLibrary, please get in touch.