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Library Services

Joining the library

Library membership is automatically granted to students and staff of the institution and to those teaching or studying on validated courses. Services available for you to use will vary depending on your membership category.

The library registration procedure for City alumni, SCONUL Access users and other external readers is outlined below.


As soon as you register on your course you are a library member.  Remember to bring your City card with you to access the Library and borrow books.


New staff will have their account created for them within 1 month of joining the University.  If you want access sooner then please complete our online registration form.  When you have joined, remember to bring your City card with you to access the Library and borrow books.


Former students who are members of the City Alumni Network and who have their Alumni Network card are entitled to free reference use of the Library. You must bring your Alumni Network card when you visit.


We are not processing borrowing membership applications from alumni at the present time due to the current library closures as a result of COVID-19.  We will advertise when this service resumes in due course.

A 1 year alumni library subscription costs £30. Alumni borrowers may have up to 5 items on loan at any time but are not able to borrow from some of our smaller collections, such as our 24 Hour Loans, LCS tests, or iPads.

Online resources

Access to a limited number of online resources is provided by the Alumni Network.  Please contact them for further details.

A limited selection of online journals and databases are available for alumni users on a dedicated computer terminal at both Northampton Square Library and Cass LRC. You need to register for this service at the library help desk.

Visiting scholars

Registered visiting scholars are entitled to use library facilities on a reference only basis. Access to our libraries requires a valid City card. Visiting scholars are entitled to access a limited selection of online journals and databases on a dedicated computer terminal at Northampton Square Library and Cass LRC.   Registration for this service can be completed at the library help desk.

Validated course students and staff

City validates selected courses from a number of institutions. Library privileges are only available to students on these specific courses. Students on these courses will have been issued with a regular City card and will need to bring this card on each visit.

Academic staff involved in teaching on a City validated course will need to register separately with Library Services. Library access and membership will be arranged through the Validation and Partnerships Office within the Student and Academic Services Directorate.

Short courses

Students attending short evening/weekend courses run by the Enterprise Office will be issued with a City pass. Please bring this to the library, along with your confirmation of enrolment on a current course. We will ask you to complete a registration form to enable you to borrow library books.

SCONUL Access and Access 25

SCONUL Access bands A, B, and C members need to join in person at the Library Help Desk - don't forget to bring your SCONUL Access approval email and your university ID card.

Access 25 members need to join in person at the Library Help Desk - don't forget to bring your Access 25 card and institutional ID card.

External reference subscription


Individuals with no formal connection to City, University of London and not currently registered with another UK Higher Education institution may apply for reference membership.  An annual reference membership costs £100.

You must demonstrate a genuine need to use our collections to view materials not accessible elsewhere.

Applications can take 3-5 days to process. When notified that your ticket is ready, bring proof of your current home address (e.g. recent bank/card statement or utility bill) to the library to collect it.

External members are entitled to use library facilities and consult printed material on a reference basis during our staffed service hours only.

We are unable to offer external members access to electronic resources.