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Library Services

Borrowing and renewing

You will need your City card to borrow items from the library.  Self-service machines are provided at Northampton Square Library, Business Library and the Law Library.

Loan entitlements

The table below summarises the maximum number of loans permitted to different types of library user:

Undergraduate students20 items
[Maximum of two 24 Hour Loan items]
Postgraduate students25 items
[Maximum of two 24 Hour Loan items]
Research students30 items
[Maximum of two 24 Hour Loan items]
Distance learning students (UK based)10 items
[Maximum of two 24 Hour Loan items]
Students on validated courses5 items
[No 24 Hour Loan items]
City staff30 items
[Maximum of two 24 Hour Loan items]
SCONUL Access and alumni borrowers5 items
[No 24 Hour Loan items]

Loan periods and overdue charges

A range of loan periods and overdue charges are applied to library stock determined by locations and level of demand for the item.

Long Loan: 4 weeks
(staff and research students: 14 weeks)
30p per day
7 Day Loan 50p per day
24 Hour Loan 50p per hour

24 hour items cannot be renewed and must be returned to the library from which they were borrowed by the stated time to avoid overdue charges.

A maximum charge of £20 per overdue item is levied.  Long overdue items and lost items will be subject to a charge for the full replacement cost of the item plus processing fees.

Renewing your loans

You may renew your books online through your Library Account.  Use your City username and password to log-in.

You will be unable to renew your books if...

  • Your books have been requested by another user
  • You have accrued overdue charges of £20 or more
  • There is a block on your library account (including expired City cards)
  • It is a 24 Hour Loan item

When it has not been possible to renew, items must be returned by the due date to avoid incurring charges.

Borrower's responsibilities

  • You are responsible for ensuring items are returned or renewed on or before the due date
  • All items are liable for recall at any time if requested by another reader.  Notification will be given by email.  Overdue charges will apply if items are not returned by the amended due date.
  • You are responsible for all items borrowed until they are returned and cleared from your library account.

Overdue items

A courtesy email reminder will be sent when there are overdue items on your account.  Please ensure the email address on your library account is correct.  A bill for replacement cost will be sent for long overdue items.

Requesting items

Requests can be placed for items when all copies are out on loan.  You may choose your preferred pick-up location.

If there are no available items at your preferred pick-up location, you may place a request for an available copy at another library location.

The loan period for Long Loan items will be shortened from four weeks to one week if there are additional requests for the title.

Completing your course

Students completing their course must ensure all library loans are returned and any overdue charges cleared within 3 working days of their last exam or coursework submission date.

Four weeks after course completion dates, we will contact students with outstanding loans or charges on their library account and pass these details to Registry Services.