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Archives and Special Collections: Access to Collections

Finding aids

Details of our holdings can be found on the LIbrary Services Archives and Special Collections website.


Please contact Library Services via email [email protected] to arrange viewing of materials. Please include your research credentials or details of your project including intended purpose and audience.

Materials will be retrieved by Library Services staff for viewing or digitisation. Loans (for exhibition only) will be considered on a case-by-case basis and require approval from Library Services. The Archive operates as a closed collection and we will decline requests to browse.

Please factor sufficient time into your project to enable Library Services staff to make the necessary diligent checks outlined in the related document, Library Services, Archives and Special Collections, Copyright and Use of Photographs, Images and Videos. We require at least 30 working days' notice (or longer depending on the scale of your project and the volume of material requested).

To enable the preservation of our collections items cannot be borrowed by individuals. Please make arrangements for surrogates in good time if you wish to use materials for display purposes.

If requested for research purposes, copies are supplied for private use only. Permission to publish must be requested separately. Readers wishing to publish extracts from items in the Archive are reminded that the responsibility for checking the ownership of copyright and obtaining necessary permissions rests with them.

Self-service photography

The use of personal devices to photograph archives is permissible by agreement with Library Services. The device must not affect the condition of the documents. Flash photography is not permitted. Archive users must comply with copyright law. Any queries regarding copyright can be directed to the Copyright Librarian at [email protected].

Associated fees

Library Services may charge to cover the cost of retrieval, production, reproduction, preservation and right clearance together with a reasonable return on investment and may decline requests to re-use information.

Related documents

Library Services Archives and Special Collections:

Collection Development Policy

Copyright and Use of Photographs, Images and Videos

Handling Guidelines

Contact details

If you have any general questions or information relating to content please contact [email protected]

If you have specific questions or information about use of images or other content please contact [email protected]

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