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Public Sector Information Regulations

Public Sector Information Regulations 2015

Library Services is required to comply with the Re-use of Public Sector Information (RoPSI) Regulations 2015 which regulates how information we hold or create is made available for re-use.

Our Public Task Statement and Asset Register are available below. If you wish to make a request under the Public Sector Information Regulations, full information on the process can be found on the Legal information webpages of City, University of London.

Public Task Statement

Library Services provides a dedicated, professional and responsive service across four locations within City, University of London. Our collections of print and online resources support the teaching and research activities of City, and our catalogue can be searched using CityLibrary Search. We manage City's institutional repository, City Research Online, a digital archive of research and enterprise outputs produced by City, University of London research staff and students. We also hold a number of Special Collections, which are detailed in our Asset Register.

For the latest versions of the following documents, which give a flavour of our recent work, activities and priorities for the years ahead, please see the About Library Services webpage:

  • Library Services Strategic Vision: this outlines our purpose as a leading Library Service at the heart of City, University of London
  • Library Services Operational Plan: this outlines the work we will be engaged in to meet our strategic goals and City, University of London's strategy
  • Library Services Annual Report: this reviews the development of our services, collections and spaces to support City's teaching and research communities.

If you have any queries about this statement or wish to challenge it, please contact [email protected]. This statement will be reviewed annually.

Asset Register

Please note:

  • Re-use of many of these resources may be restricted by law, depending on the nature of the resource
  • If Library Services releases the requested information for re-use we would link this to a licence covering your use. The licence would restrict the usage to your stated purpose. This may be on a without-cost basis or we may offer the licence to you based upon a charge
  • We are under no obligation to allow re-use of resources that have not previously been re-used. We are also under no obligation to allow re-use of information that has been used as part of our Public Task.

Please contact [email protected] if you would like to enquire about re-using any of these resources: