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Academic Departments please note:

Royalties Data Collection exercise

Between 16 September and 25 October, data on photocopying for educational purposes will be collected at City, University of London. Staff are required to record all such photocopying at the copiers; there will be collection boxes by some copiers in order to do that.

This data will be used to help the Copyright Licensing Agency to distribute royalties payments to authors and other rightsholders.

Further information is available on CityLibrary News.

Copyright at City, University of London

It is the responsibility of individual members of staff, students or others working on behalf of City, University of London to make legitimate use of material whose copyright they do not own.

Copyright guide

Our Copyright guide will help members of City to understand their legal obligations when using copyrighted or licensed material in printed or online form. Information in this guide should not be construed as formal legal advice.

Copyright policy

The Copyright guide should be read in conjunction with the City's copyright policy (pdf)

Top copyright tips for teaching

Our Top copyright tips for teaching (pdf) outline some of the most important things to remember when preparing lectures, resources and planning reading for students.

Copyright posters

The following posters are available for use in offices, libraries and IT labs at City.