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Access for SCONUL users is restricted between  24 April - 2 June 2023 for City's busy assessment period.

There is no access for Band R reference users and new membership applications for Band A, B or C users will not be processed during these times.

City, University of London welcomes visitors with membership of the SCONUL Access scheme.

Join the SCONUL access scheme

You must be accepted to the SCONUL access scheme before visiting City Library. Your SCONUL acceptance email will tell you whether you are eligible for borrowing membership (Bands A, B and C) or reference only membership (Band R).

Visiting the library

SCONUL Access users may use our libraries during staffed opening hours only.

You will be asked to show your home University ID card and your SCONUL Access approval email each time you visit the library.

If you are Band A, B or C and you want to be able to borrow items from City Library please fill in the SCONUL Access borrower registration form before you visit.

Reference membership - Band R

Reference only access is provided to users with Band R membership from their home institution.

Borrowing membership - Bands A, B and C

Borrowing membership is given to users issued with Band A, B or C SCONUL Access membership from their home institution. SCONUL Access borrowers may borrow up to 5 items but will not be able to use our Short Loan collections or online resources.

Restricted access

Access restrictions apply during City's busy assessment periods.  At these times, we are unable to accommodate Band R reference users and will  not be processing new membership applications from Band  A, B  or C users.

During the 2022/23 session, access restrictions will apply 27 December 2022 - 27 January 2023 and from 24 April 2023 - 2 June 2023.