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Resources Value for Money Policy

1. Purpose

This policy outlines the steps Library Services will take when reviewing existing and proposed online resource subscriptions to ensure the best value for money is achieved. It informs and complements the Collection Development Policy (CPD), which aims to maintain dynamic collections in alignment with the Library Services Strategy and City, University of London's Education and Student Strategy.

The data gathering and analysis will enable Library Services to react to changing priorities and pressures within the academic sector, which impact upon collection management and the user experience.

2. Responsibilities

Review of online resource subscriptions is an annual exercise and consists of collaborative analysis across library divisions.

Usage statistics from the previous academic year are gathered at the start of the new academic year. This, and previous usage data is presented for review ahead of the online resource renewal and purchasing periods.

Stages of the review:

  • calculating cost per use and identifying usage trends to monitor resource performance
  • evaluating underperforming resources in conjunction with approved criteria (see section 3)
  • providing justification and evidence to the Library Leadership Team to support the
    retention, cancelation, or acquisition of resources
  • communicating decisions to Schools

3. Evaluation criteria

Library Services recognise that cost implications alone cannot determine value for money, therefore careful consideration of the following additional factors is incorporated into the evaluation process:

  • learning and research needs
  • student experience
  • technical considerations
  • collection development.

4. Related documents

For guidance on the following specific areas, please see the links below:

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Head of Content and Discovery Services, reviewed November 2022