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Supplying to other libraries

We are happy to receive requests from other libraries in the UK and overseas, and will try to supply items where possible. Please see the tabs below for details about the types of items we can supply.

We reserve the right not to supply items, for example if we believe the request to be for commercial use.


 Books Articles and chapters
UK Libraries BL Document Supply Service pricing
International      2 IFLA


Submitting requests

Requests can be made to the Inter-Library Loans team at [email protected] tel. +44 (0)20 7040 5439

  • UK institutions: please remember to include your British Library account code and a reference number for the request


  • Our standard loan period is 6 weeks. All loans may be subject to recall
  • During term-time, items considered essential for City students may be unavailable
  • We may ask for items to be restricted to library use only
  • In most cases, items can be returned via standard post. For certain items, we may ask for items to be returned by recorded or special delivery.

Articles and chapters

  • We will attempt to fulfil all requests for journal articles and book chapters
  • For items from our e-journals collection this will be license permitting
  • All successful requests will be accompanied by Terms and Conditions of lending, which must be observed
  • Our supply of article requests will at all times comply with UK Copyright guidelines.


  • Requests for PhD theses should be made via the British Library's EThOS service.
  • Recent theses by City students should be available via  City Research Online.
  • We do not supply hard copy PhD theses via Inter-Library Loan.