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Library Services

24/7 Opening

Northampton Square Library is open 24/7 from Tuesday 3rd May until Friday 10th June 2022.

Access to the library outside our regular staffed hours (after 9pm weekdays and 6pm at weekends) is for current City students and staff only.

To ensure your safety and security, CCTV is in operation and regular patrols are undertaken by security staff.  Users should cooperate with cleaning staff to enable them to maintain the premises and ensure a clean and tidy study environment.

Self service facilities are available to borrow and return items. Security staff are unable to issue items or assist with enquiries.

Bookable group study rooms are available during staffed service hours only.

All users are expected to familiarise themselves with the Library Services Code of Conduct.

Advice on how to make sure your study time is effective and you get enough rest to prepare properly for your exams is available from our colleagues in the Academic Learning Support team.

If you are experiencing personal or academic difficulties the Student Counselling & Mental Health Service can offer you confidential, emotional support.