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Library Services User Charter

The Library Services User Charter reflects the themes and values of the City Student Charter.  It outlines the commitments from Library Services to our user community and the responsibilities and expectations of our users.

We will

  • Treat all users with dignity and respect, valuing them as equal members of the City community
  • Ensure our library environment and resources are maintained at a high standard and any problems are reported in a timely manner
  • Encourage library users to engage with formal and informal opportunities to share feedback in order to develop and improve the service
  • Maintain fair and transparent procedures for considering complaints and deal with inappropriate use of services and resources
  • Provide a friendly, professional service to support the learning and research needs of our user community
  • Provide reasonable adjustments and support to accommodate specific learning needs.

You will

  • Treat library users and staff with dignity and respect, valuing them as equal members of the library community
  • Respect the library environment: spaces, facilities, resources and equipment. Show consideration for other users
  • Engage in opportunities for providing feedback and alert us to any problems you experience in using library services, spaces or resources
  • Maintain your Library Account in good standing and follow the regulations pertaining to the use of online resources
  • Carry your City card at all times when using library facilities.  Keep your card safe and for your own personal use only
  • Act as an ambassador for City and maintain the University's reputation, both at City and when visiting other libraries.

See Library Services Code of Conduct for more details.